In Ward 2 we have a key development area at Yonge Street and Bernard Avenue where better access to transit and less reliance on cars is intended. However, residents have expressed concern about our current traffic congestion in the area. There are a number of project initiatives already supported by the Region and/or town to address some of the traffic concerns including:

o Adding car lanes on Yonge Street from 19th Avenue to Elgin Mills Road;

o Widening Yorkland Street from Silverwood Avenue to Elgin Mills Road; and

o Building a grade separation over the railway tracks on Elgin Mills Road.

However, if elected, I will also push for the widening of Elgin Mills Road from Newkirk Road to Bathurst Street to help make your commute better.



York Region is looking to the Province to grant new taxing powers as a way to raise funds to manage debt. Specifically, the Region is looking to introduce a new land transfer tax.

Homebuyers already pay a provincial land transfer tax, and the region would be doubling the burden to local homebuyers by $15,000 on the average priced home. I feel that this singles out homebuyers to manage the shortfall the Region is currently experiencing.

Without justification that would clearly identify that 100% of this tax will go directly toward benefitting homebuyers, then I would not be in support of a new land transfer tax for York Region.


Legalization of Marijuana

Certainly there will be an impact for those responsible for law enforcement to develop new policies, training and tools to help protect the public and individual health & safety, while at the same time strengthening sanctions for those who operate outside the boundaries of the system. Landlords will want to know what recourse they may have for imposing a “no grow” ban for their rented or leased properties. Educators have concerns about the impacts to the school environment if young persons between the ages of 12 to 18 are legally able to possess, use, and share 5 grams of marijuana (~10 joints) amongst their peers.

Until the rules and regulation around the legalization are enacted into law (scheduled for Oct 17th), it is difficult to fully gauge the impacts upon the community and our municipal resources.

Stay tuned, there is much we have yet to discuss and address.


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