My Vision


My vision for growth in Richmond Hill - Stay the course

Don’t deviate from our current path. There are too many armchair critics out there that think they have a better answer for growth in Richmond Hill... people that feel they know better than “everybody else"!

There are people who would prefer council disregard some of the brightest minds that contributed to the development of the Town’s Strategic and Official Plans; people who would be willing to disregard thousands of hours of study and consultations with the public and key agencies; people who encourage developers to appeal for exemption from the town's official plan; people... some of whom... are running for a council position!

Be wary of what candidates really mean when they talk about “their vision” for Richmond Hill. 

As your Councillor I would never disrespect the democratic process that has produced a plan that is the culmination of Provincial and Regional policy direction, along with thousands of hours of local community input and technical expertise. I will never vote in favour of a decision that will only appease a select few.  This is my pledge to you.

A growing Town

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