Why Run?


I'm running because... 

I'm tired of Councillors that:

  • Talk more than they listen
  • Forget to check their ego at the door when they go into a council meeting
  • Make decisions based on their own personal interests
  • Don’t consult or adequately represent the residents on the council decisions they make
  • Are dealing with lawsuits instead of the day-to-day concerns of the residents
  • Favour redevelopment projects that are inconsistent with the Town’s Official Plan and/or do not respect and reinforce the Town’s vision for land use

I'm also tired of looking at the names on the ballot and feeling that no matter who wins, we lose!

I am someone who votes in every election; however over the last couple of municipal elections I have not been too excited nor held much faith that the available candidates would represent the best interests of our community.

Consequently, I am looking for your support as someone:

  • Who is willing to represent the actual needs of the residents;
  • Who will actually listen to the residents and speak as their voice with honesty and integrity;
  • Who will bring humility, confidence, and the drive and determination to be of service to make a difference in our community.

Yonge St. looking north, Richmond Hill

If elected, you can rest assured that any redevelopment decisions I make will be based on the policies of the Town’s Official Plan and will respect and reinforce the town’s vision… not only from an economic, environmental, or neighbourhood perspective; but from the perspective of what is best for the community and the public good as a whole.

Kelvin Kwan, the town’s planning commissioner, had this to say after the OMB (Ontario Municipal Board… now the Local Planning Appeal Tribunal - LPAT) ruled in favour of the town when a developer appealed for exemption from the town’s official plan: “Just because a landowner has a vision of his own, it has to be balanced against the good of the many.” Which is exactly how I feel.

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